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NDC ‘not prepared’ for 2020 elections – Ambassador Osei

Ghana’s former consul to Dubai, Ambassador Daniel Osei has said the main opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) is under-prepared to face the governing NPP in the 2020 elections.

Ambassador Osei told Kasapa 102.5 FM in an interview that “it makes zero sense” to allow the system to be hijacked by a few individuals, when it’s urgent to work quite quickly to put their local and national campaigns together and get a foothold in the next polls.

In an earlier statement, the former Consul said: “It’s too risky a preposition to go into the next election not just with the same team but also the same strategy.

“In 2009 we announced plans to create new districts. We delayed until 2012, changing the dates several times. In 2010 we announced early primaries for orphan constituencies. We changed dates many times and had them in 2012, needlessly wasting two years in delaying. We were told to stop everything and wait for the KB report and we did, only to be told the report is a secret and we humbly accepted and asked what’s the way forward so they gave us a timetable to appease us. We agreed. Time and again, we allow them to abuse our patience and obedience.

“The branch elections were slated for November and December and we are in the second week of December and not a single branch election has been conducted. After a little bit of noise they say we should be getting the booklets soon and nobody is even asking what is the relevance of the booklets to the branch elections. We are just going along. They know we are patient and obedient and they are using it against us in a most corrupt way and we shouldn’t permit it.

“This fight is for the party’s chance at victory in 2020. Those manipulating the system to impose their candidate, and the candidate himself do not believe in hard ground work and that hard work is our only hope! “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” (Maya Angelou). They won’t change.”

He further noted:“Don’t focus on money. We didn’t have the resources of NPP in 2008 and they didn’t have our resources in 2016 but we know who won in both elections. It’s time to be bold and honest.”

Ambassor Daniel Osei said there is a high risk for the main opposition performing much worse than expected in the next poll, if the party fails to be on the beat for the re-organization crusade said to be the surest way for the party to make political gains in the future.

According to him, he’ll continue to make a case for the party to be proactive towards the 2020 challenge and work hard for electoral victory.

“I mentioned in the previous write up that they are counting on the patience of you all for a successful imposition of their candidate. Our being patient and calm and tolerant and obedient is part of their calculus.” He hinted.

“Some have said or written that my initial write ups were “very good and inspiring” I am sure they will agree others including senior comrades who read them also saw same. Have you seen any senior Comrade or executive sticking out their neck and even saying “I agree” or even using an emoji to show their position? No. It’s not for nothing. Nobody wants to fight and get their hands dirty. It’s too risky. What I am doing is not the most convenient and I know if I shut down and go quiet, there is no other voice out there willing to speak truth to power.”

“Many senior comrades text me quietly to express support. When I ask them to let their voices be heard to inspire a good conversation, the holla; nooooo.”
Source: kasapafmonline.com
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