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NDC primaries: Ernestina Edu outlines vision for Cape Coast South

A renowned educationist, Ernestina Enos Edu, has filed to contest the upcoming National Democratic Congress(NDC) parliamentary primary for Cape Coast South.

After her entry, she outlined her vision for Cape Coast South, explaining to the electorates of what she is capable of doing after she has won the seat.

According to her, she has lived almost her life at Cape Coast and established all her businesses there and therefore is familiar with all the challenges of the area and is poised to address them when she comes into power.

Below is the The 3 “E” plan Ernestina Enos Edu intends to execute when she is voted for :


* After school programs

* Student mentorship

* Exchange programs

* Majority of students in the Junior High Schools gain access to the best Senior High Schools that Cape Coast is privileged to have


* Revive and revamp the tourism industry, that used to create direct and indirect employment

* Update tourist attractions

* Set up Job Corps to help the youth find jobs

* Entrepreneurship – encourage the setting up of medium and small scale businesses

* Export of fish to landlocked areas


* Capacity building programs

* Facilitate easy access to funding of businesses

* Set up Cooperatives for traders and SMEs

* Set up fish-processing (smoking) factories

* Easy access to fish cannery
Source: atinkaonline.com
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