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NDC spinning issues surrounding the exhibition because of their impending defeat - NPP

The Ablekuma Central New Patriotic Party’s youth organizer Isaac Asare has stated that the anomalies detected in the ongoing voter exhibition exercise are not something that political parties should take undue advantage of and make a case out of it.

He said the Electoral Commission (EC) has taken steps to rectify all the anomalies including persons with duplicate codes.

He revealed that in his constituency, the party has detected that there are one 1,186 persons with the same codes with 10 polling stations, and 5 out the 7 electoral areas were affected out of the over 200 polling stations.

This, he opined shows that the EC is on top of its game and working to rectify the challenges.

He slammed the NDC for exaggerating the issue and taking undue political advantage just to paint a negative picture should they lose the elections.

The NDC he indicated is preparing the minds of Ghanaians for their defeat and blame the EC for it.

To him, what the EC is doing is neither here nor there because the EC is solving the problem.

The presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken a swipe at the EC describing the institution as “incompetent.”

John Mahama in his address at the Bono Region on Monday said the Commission has allowed itself to become a tool for the government to implement its diabolic agenda.

“There are so many wrongs going on; the incompetence of this EC is legendary. We have held elections in this country, we have held voters’ registrations in this country but we have never seen a situation where there are so much chaos and disorder in an electoral process.

“It has the potential to create a crisis in our country. Today we don’t know if we are going to have a credible register, because we are not confident in the process that is going on. There are too much anarchy and disorder,” he said.

His comments came after the party raised concerns over some anomalies in the ongoing exhibition exercise.

But the NPP officer who is popularly called Akonoba says the NDC is only spinning the issue to their political advantage which he noted will not work.

“From day one, the EC has made it clear that the election 2020 is a no go area for them. They have already lost the election and so, they want to give any excuse to their followers that the EC stole the elections for the NPP.”

He made these remarks on Rainbow Radio's Frontline show.
Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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