Politics Wed, 13 Jan 2016

NDC zongo Serial callers Quit

-Citing lack of respect and recognition…

The Chairman of NDC Zongo Callers Association, Alhaji Seidu Iddrisu, has warned that, the ruling National Democratic Congress risk losing members of the group over what he described as “neglect” and “ill-treatment.”

According to Alhaji Seidu Iddrisu, who is known in political circles as Santana, members of the group are threatening to quit the ruling party “because they feel their tireless efforts are not being appreciated by the executives”

In an interview with The aL-hAJJ, Santana said “Almost all my people are complaining…we spend the little resources we have to project the government and party but nobody cares about us,” he fumed.

He said “even when we invite them to our meetings, they don’t come. The sad aspect is that they will not tell us from the beginning that they can’t make it; they will wait after we have assembled, then they will call and say they are busy so we can’t make it.”

The Chairman said the group members have stomach “these ill-treatments and disrespect for far too long and at the moment all of them have told me in the face that they are quitting. I share in their frustration because as Chairman I have on countless occasions tried to calm nerves but now I can’t.”

He said “the little resources I have, I have used it hoping that our big men will appreciate it and come to our aide. People travel all the way from Kasoa, Ashaiman and other places for our meetings, and in all these nobody pays for their transport fares.”

The peeved Chairman said, he has personally complained to most of the NDC bigwigs but nobody is willing to listen to them, let alone attend to their needs.

“As the case stands now, if nothing is done about out case, the NDC is likely to lose all these serial callers. As chairman, I have tried my best to contain the problem but now where it has gotten to; I can’t do anything about it.”

He said some of the group members have stopped attending meetings and “when you call them to ask why, they will tell you they don’t want to come and sit there only to be told that the executives we have invited would not come. Honestly, they are treating us like people who don’t have anything to do.”

Santana noted that while some of the group members have decided to stay out of meetings, others are moving in droves to join a rival group which has both members of the New Patriotic Party and NDC.

“There is a new group now and most of them have joined that one. That group is being chaired by a wealthy man. If we lose these people, we are likely to lose majority votes in the Zongos,” he stated.
Source: aL-hAJJ