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NPP grassroots executives reject calls for Tamale Mayor’s removal

The governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) polling station executives and electoral area coordinators in the Tamale South and Central constituencies have downplayed calls for the dismissal of the Tamale Mayor, Iddrisu Musah Superior.

The Tamale South and Central NPP executives in a joint petition called for the Tamale Mayor’s head accusing him of insubordination.

But the polling station executives and electoral area coordinators in the two constituencies at a news conference in solidarity with the Tamale Mayor asked President Nana Addo to ignore the petitioners.

Iddrisu Musah Superior recently won the best performing Africa Mayor of the Year Award according to the West African Regional Magazine.

According to them, they were not consulted as the grassroots leadership of the party before the calls for the dismissal were made.

They accused the NPP regional Organizer, Alhaji Rashid Salifu COP of masterminding calls for the Tamale Mayor’s removal from office.

They, therefore, implored the petitioners to render an unqualified apology to the Tamale Mayor and the government at large.

Their Spokesperson, Dauda Abdul Rahaman addressed the media.

Below is their statement


Good morning to you, ladies and gentlemen of the media. We thank you for honoring our invitation on this short notice.

Ladies and gentlemen, this press conference has become necessary following the ongoing brouhaha between some members of the NPP constituency Executives and the MCE of Tamale Metropolis, HON. IDDRISU MUSAH SUPERIOR.

You would recall that, on Wednesday 29th August, 2018, some portion of constituency Executives of our Political Party, the NPP held a press conference demanding the outright dismissal of the MCE for Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, IDDRISU MUSAH SUPERIOR. They further threatened mayhem in this Region should the President fail to heed to their demands.

We, the electoral area coordinators and polling station Executives in the aforementioned constituencies, wish to state emphatically that, we do not support this action being taken by these Executives of our party.

For the avoidance of doubts, we would like to add that, we were never consulted by our constituency Executives of such a heinous agenda. We find the action of these Executives as unfortunate and fully disassociate ourselves from such a call, which does not fall within the traditions and values of the New Patriotic Party.

Fellow Party men, we are outraged that party executives of NPP would resort to such a bestial approach of threatening a no mean person but the President of the Republic in other to get him to meet their demands. The following questions beg for answers?

- Have the constituency executives exhausted all the available channels to resolve their grievances as prescribed by Article 4 of the NPP’S constitution?

- Have they formally petitioned our party’s council of elders regarding the issue in contention?

- Have they consulted us, the very people who elected them into office of their intended agenda?


The obvious answer to all these questions is a big NO!

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, in the press statement issued by the executives, they accused the Mayor of awarding contracts to his cronies whilst ignoring constituency Executives. And we wish to ask these divine questions;

1. Are the awarded contractors not members of the NPP?

2. Are the Constituency Executives the only people who voted this government into office?

3. Are the constituency executives contractors?

This claim by the Executives shows that, they lack basic knowledge on the procurement laws of Ghana. The MCE does not unilaterally award contracts. It is a known fact that, contracts are tendered for and subsequently awarded to qualified bidders.

The said Executives also alleged that, the MCE has been awarding contracts to himself but they have failed to provide to us a single evidence to back their claims. Until this is done, we will treat this claim as baseless news from the grapevine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is worth mentioning at this point that, The MCE of Tamale Metropolis, Iddrisu Musah Superior, has initiated several social developmental interventions since he assumed office as MCE of this Metropolis.

Some of the major achievement of the mayor includes:


- Decongestion of the Central Business District (CBD).

- Sanitizing major forest reserves off drug peddlers and wee smokers.

- Removing Minors from the streets at ungodly hours.

- Massive improvement in the street and community lighting system in the Metropolis

- Undertaking of major infrastructural developments and more.

These social policies and more have received commendations from chiefs, opinion leaders and other well-meaning Ghanaians across the country. These solid achievements, have earned HON. IDDRISU MUSAH SUPERIOR, the prestigious award as the best M.C.E in West Africa for 2018 by the “WEST AFRICAN REGIONAL MAGAZINE”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are these not the constitutional mandate of a Metropolitan Chief Executive? We then ask, which of the aforementioned records are the Constituency Executives using as basis to demand the removal of the MCE from office?

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the constituency Executives to ask the president to choose between the MCE and them, is tantamount to asking the president to choose between a bunch of self-seeking vampires and the development of the Tamale Metropolis.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, there is ample evidence to the effect that, the demonstration which was staged by some section of party youth against the MCE few months ago was masterminded by these same Executives. Their ultimate motive is to get the MCE out and replace him with the current Tamale Central constituency Secretary, who has since failed in his bit to occupy that office.

We also have evidence that, this entire conspiracy to oust the MCE is sponsored by the Northern Regional Organizer of the NPP, after he (the Regional Organizer) failed to get the MCE to pay him for an illegal contract he procured during the transition period.

On this note, we would like to appeal to the leadership of the Party in the Region, to as a matter of urgency, call these constituency Executives to order and redirect their efforts to the very purpose for which they were elected into office, that is to deliver the parliamentary seats of these two constituencies to the NPP.

We demand an unconditional apology from the said constituency Executives to the President, the MCE and the good people of Tamale for bringing the name of the Metropolis, party and Government into disrepute. Should they fail to do so, we will have no option than to invoke Article 10 of the NPP constitution to seek for their removal from office as Executives of this Noble Party to save us such embarrassments in the future.

We thank you all for your time.

God bless the NPP

God bless the Tamale Metropolis

God bless the M.C.E

God bless Ghana

Source: citinewsroom.com