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NPP members are intolerant - Yayaha Seidu

A former communicator and campaigner of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bole-Bamboi constituency of the Northern region, Yayaha Seidu popularly called Braa Prex-doe has described members of his former party as extremists and intolerant.

He disclosed that ever since he defected from the NPP months ago and joined the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in order to champion the second term bid of President John Dramani Mahama who he said is his kinsman, he has come under a barrage of attacks from members from his former party.

“Life has been tough after leaving NPP….attacks, insults and attempts by former members of party to denigrate my image are encountered on daily basis”, he disclosed.

He observed that this was never witnessed while he was with the NPP and criticizing the NDC and the president he said was his brother stating that over time, he has come to the realization that his 'newly found love' is more tolerant to the real rudiments of democracy than his former.

“While I was with the NPP, I kept criticizing the NDC and the president, but I was never attacked this way. They are just intolerant yet they are calling themselves democratic. The actions of those attacking me is not surprising taking into account the person leading the party. The insulting conduct of persons who disagree with my current political stance is surprising”, he observed.

Yayaha Seidu challenged those attacking him to an intellectual discourse to convince voters rather than channel their energies to verbally abusing him maintaining that it was a clear manifestation of the NPP’s unwillingness to capture power.

While discounting claims he was already a planted mole in the NPP just to create disaffection among its ranks, he said he was poised to working at the grassroots to solidify the victory of the NDC he said has sprang up various developmental projects to the admiration of Ghanaians.

“I am impressed with the radical development embarked on by the current NDC…..it will surprise you to know that not all their projects are contained in the infamous Green Book. In spite of this, the NDC green book still contains a lot and it needs to be circulated widely for the citizenry to see the good works of the president. It is evidence based”, he added.
Source: ultimatefmonline.com
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