NPP will guard polling stations with armed civilians – Bugri Naabu

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 Source: Kasapa FM

Northern regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu says the party will independently deploy 40 armed men to every polling centre in the region to police ballot boxes on voting day.

Bugri Naabu said the move was to prevent a repeat of the “naked thievery” that characterized the 2008 and 2012 elections respectively.

According to him Ghanaians never intended to change the NPP government but the NDC who have achieved complete mastery of electoral theft averted the will of the people.

The chairman said the NPP shall not seek a redress from the court again hence the decision to send out armed men to head off with NDC criminals who would be sent to snatch ballot boxes and cause confusion at polling centres.

The opposition executive was addressing a rally at Savelugu to launch a campaign of the party’s parliamentary nominee, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Somed Kunu.

“Members of Kukurudu, my brothers and sisters greetings to you all for the massive turnout; this means that the election is won already but what I have to tell you is that you know the NDC. They know how to steal. They stole in 2008 and snatched it from us in 2012. So I beg you my elders what i have for the youth is that this year election if care is not taken they will steal again.”

“So on 7 December get some young and strong men about 40 to guard the box and if the thieves come to snatch away the boxes break their legs. You were witnesses to the supreme court ruling, would you allow them to steal again? If they steal again we are dead so this one is do or die. Don’t agree! If they are not afraid of guns and cutlass we are also not afraid.”

The launch was massively attended by supporters, regional, constituency and National executives including Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, Lawyer Kabby Okyere Darko, Mustapha Hamid and host of others.

The parliamentary candidate promised the constituents better leadership when voted to power.

Mr. Somed Kunu is to battle it out with the NDC’s Alhassan Abdallah Red who is also the Municipal Chief Executive of the area.

Mr. Red is currently faced with a lot internal problems including charges of treachery and causing divisions among members of the NDC in the constituency.

Source: Kasapa FM
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