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NUGS slams government over appointment of Abraham Attah as Free SHS Ambassador

Government has been to charged to give an explanation of the factors that led to the appointment of Abraham Attah as the Ambassador for the Free Senior High School project.

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has given a one-week ultimatum to government or they proceed with a secondary action. Speaking to Class FM on behalf of the Union, Malik Basintale, the acting Secretary of the Union stated the decision to choose Abraham Attah, who is currently studying in America was difficult to understand. "We do not see why the Education Minister should overlook all these five million Ghanaian students, go to the United States and pick someone to come and lead this agenda.

That is what we are finding difficult to understand… We have written letters to the Education Minister to clarify the matter because various SRC presidents and various school prefects were calling to find out whether the union was aware of this appointment," he said.

According to him, the Education Minister has been unable to fully clarify the role which Abraham Attah will play as the Free SHS ambassador.

The Union's secretary further said if the Minister failed to come forth with an adequate explanation in one week, they will then embark on a demonstration against the appointment.

Mr. Basintale argued that the Minister had disrespected the many school pupils enrolled across the country by offering the appointment to the actor.

The Union's comments follow the unveiling ceremony held last week, where the Minister of Education named Ghanaian actor Abraham Attah as the Free SHS Ambassador. The move was met with numerous criticisms by citizens and other national stakeholders, who believe the actor is the wrong choice as a representative of the policy.

Source: yen.com.gh
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