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Naa Momo revives NDC's hopes in Krowor

The Parliamentary Candidate of the National Democratic Congress in the Krowor Constituency, Mrs. Agnes Naa Momo Lartey has revived the 'Akatamanso' spirit in the Constituency with barely six weeks into the 2016 General elections in December.

This became evident after a rigorous research in the constituency by the Young Adults for Mahama (YAM) in their routine research in the Greater Accra Region for the upcoming elections.

The candidate, who won the primaries some few months ago after the elected candidate in November 2015, Eleazer Borketey-La failed to overcome his health situation which led to a by-election in the primaries in August 2016.

But what matters worse in the constituency is the absence of the incumbent Member of Parliament, Dr.Okley Quaye Kumah in the activities of Krowor for the past three years due to ill –health.

This made the constituency dormant in all endeavours which made the New Patriotic Party parliamentary candidate, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye cover a lot of grounds including some strongholds of the NDC in the constituency.

However, the election of Naa Momo has changed the electoral direction of the constituency. Research conducted by the Young Adults for Mahama (YAM) shows the NDC candidate has proven to be a force to reckon with.

She has touched the bases of the party which include the grassroots, the Chiefs and the family houses as well as youth in the constituency. She has also united the seeming faction created after the November 2015 polls which was contested by Daniel Alabi and the eventual winner Eleazer Borketey-La.

One observation that sparked the constituency is the regular keep fit which has attracted, the youth, aged and women and also the scramble for party paraphernalia on the heat of the campaign launch.

Also, evidence on the grounds indicates the party is united and poised for the victory in the December 7th elections. Ahead of her campaign launch on Sunday, the 23rd October 2016, measures are far advanced to make the event a success.

The party hierarchy in the constituency headed by Joshua Alabi has put in the necessary measures to ensure a resounding victory in the December polls.

Nonetheless, complacency should not set in as the New Patriotic Party's candidate has what it takes to pull a last minute surprise. Even though all the indicators show that Naa Momo is slightly ahead, any form of fracas, misunderstanding or failure to address the category of people in the constituency can jeopardise the gains made by the Naa Momo. It is for this reason that the party must ensure that all issues are addressed and solved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


Daniel Afotey Odai

(Coordinator, YAM)

Signed Collins Annan (Research officer, YAM)
Source: Collins Annang
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