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Nantong MP goes berserk; threatens colleague MP

National Democratic Congress legislator, Murtala Mohammed Ibrahim says one of his colleague MPs from the region is plotting to unseat him in 2016.

The Nantong legislator who withheld the name of his colleague so-called saboteur exploded on Tamale based Diamond Fm in an exclusive interview.

"Someone who said to three people, Murtala has not incurred my wrath, I simply don't want him to succeed: I just don't want him to succeed in life."

"Are you God, who the f**k are you," the angry Nantong legislator fumed.

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry threatened to name and shame the said northern MP anytime soon.

He claimed to have in his possession three recorded tapes of a meeting between the said northern MP and some of the NDC Nantong constituency executives.

"I have audios, I swear to God; I am a Muslim, a practicing Muslim and I will not swear if I don't have it."

He sent an early warning to his saboteurs to stop their machinations to make him one term MP for the Nantong constituency.

"I spend a lot in my constituency: I have no business in anybody's constituency, what business do you have in my constituency," Murtala asked.

The Deputy Trade Minister charged, "It is pathetic, absolutely pathetic: is unethical, is so funny, is so stupid, is so silly, is nasty, is un-Islamic for people of the same party to be sitting down and their intention is about how they can get someone out of Parliament."

He said no amount of persuasion by some Imams and elders of the NDC in the region would convince him not to expose the said northern MP plotting to cut short his Parliamentary rank.

"When I begin to speak out, let no hypocrite in Dagbon, nobody will stop me."

Murtala Mohammed also dared his critics to drag him to court if he committed any crime as then Deputy National Coordinator of the thrice rebranded National Youth Employment Programme.

Source: Abdul Karim Naatogmah/Citifmonline.com/Ghana
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