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Nurideen Iddrisu, NDC’s best suitor for heartbroken 'Ghana bride'

In months, the opposition National Democratic Congress will begin another search for a new presidential candidate and make a statement of its true intent for the 2020 elections. It will be a defining moment for the party eager to win back the trust of the people it lost in the 2016 elections. It will not be an easy task for the party but the choice of candidate the delegates will settle on as flagbearer could potentially make the task even more difficult.

The current position of the NDC is no different from the fancied suitor who broke the heart of the most beautiful bride to be and genuinely, desperately wants a comeback. If the results of the 2016 election are anything to go by, Ghana, the bride to be, is utterly heartbroken.

Winning back her trust requires a more diligent, delicate, honest suitor with the ultimate avatar to sweep the bride off her feet and put a gentle smile on her face and assure her of an enduring commitment to remain faithful to the promises of development.

So far many are the potential suitors lining up in the NDC with juicy promises for a comeback but one of them holds the key to the heart of the most cherished bride-Nurideen Iddrisu.

He may not be as popular a candidate as ex-president John Mahama, but the complexity of the 2020 elections demands that a new face, but with solid roots within the NDC, emerges to restore faith in Ghana- the beautiful bride.

Nurideen Iddrisu has the blessings of the spiritual fathers of the party and the support of the grassroots to lead a new cause for change and set a new agenda of empowerment not just for the youth but for the Ghanaian.

At a time when there is turbulence in the banking and financial sector, uneasy calm in the petroleum and oil sector and a complete lack of faith in the career politician due to long years of broken promises, there is a just cause to take a new path of political leadership, and elect a new man with proven track record of success in business, banking, petroleum and in the political arena.

Married with two children, Nurideen Iddrisu started a career as a Corporate Services Manager at Standard Charted bank in 2006. With his depth of knowledge in finance and a great analytical mind, Mr Iddrisu later became a Credit Analyst in 2008, a duty he discharged with honour.

A man not afraid to dream and pursue it with passion, Mr Iddrisu veered into the petroleum and oil industry by joining Oando Ghana Limited as the Business Development Manager in 2009. A very good servant and an excellent master, the Wa born business consummate, promoted the growth of the company in Ghana and later helped the company create the Bulk Distribution Company (BDC), Ebony Oil & Gas which remains one of the topmost trading companies in Ghana.

With his understanding of the sector, Mr Iddrisu worked with Oando Supply & Trading, by importing both crude and refined petroleum products into Ghana.

In 2012, he resigned from Oando and created his own BDC named Deen Petroleum Ghana Limited which he personally runs as the Chief Executive Officer until 2014 when he handed over and became the Executive Chairman of the company. He also created Deen Construction & Trading with a proven track record in the construction industry.

Despite his remarkable success in business, Nurideen is no stranger to politics. He once contested for the Deputy National Organiser position of the party. He is a true activist of the NDC and has supported numerous party activities including financially supporting the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.

There has never been a time more unique for the NDC to have the face of Nurideen Iddrisu as the flagbearer when the country goes to the polls in 2020 and the reasons are not farfetched. With the governing NPP committing mistakes in its early years, the 2020 elections will be no less rancorous.

When the chips of alleged corruption fall, when the arrows of incompetence and super incompetence are fired from both sides of the divide, one man, with a veneer of humility, amiable, will remain standing in the eye of the political storm-Nurideen Iddrisu.

Yet his motive to contest the flagbearership race goes beyond the sentimental view of who is more corrupt than the other or more competent than the other. The decision to run has been nourished with a burning desire to transform the country by empowering the citizens faster than any government will.

At 43, Nurideen Iddrisu, has witnessed the growing disillusionment in the Ghanaian youth following years of broken promises; he has seen at first hand the poverty that has enveloped the Upper West, Accra and many parts of the country; he has also experienced the bottlenecks many business men face in an attempt to make good money.

A combination of these experiences has welled in him a passion to move from the back seat of political obscurity into the front seat of political service to empower the citizens through education, good health and jobs and also lead a planned and sustained investment in infrastructure for rapid economic development.

This is what the NDC delegates must look at when they think of the right suitor for the beautiful bride. Nurideen Iddrisu is that suitor!

Source: Myjoyonline.com
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