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Only NPP can produce millions of jobs – NPP replies Mahama

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed doubt over President Mahama’s promise to create three million jobs in the country if he retains power.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bosomtwe, Simon Osei Mensah said such promise can be possible when the right economic foundation shoots up and corruption is reduced to the barest minimum which he believes is impossible under the Mahama-led administration.

“It is not possible. What policy do they [NDC] have in place to create those three million jobs in their manifesto? I don’t see anything in there. How many people have they employed in the Komenda factory, it’s not even functioning. It is only possible when the right economic foundation shoots up, when we reduce corruption, when we create the enabling environment for business to trend and when they [NDC] reduce the tax and cost of doing business in the country especially the private sector,” he stated on Accra-based Class FM.

President John Dramani Mahama has said his government had plans of creating three million jobs if the party wins the December polls.

“Together with a new NDC Government, I will deliver the most ambitious job creation plan for our country. We will implement the Economic Transformation and Livelihood Empowerment Programme (ETLEP), an Initiative that will generate at least three million direct and indirect jobs,” he said on his website.

However, Mr. Osei Mensah indicated that the only party with the capabilities, plans and mandate to creating millions of jobs in the country is the NPP.

‘The NPP can trigger the business. We are going to move away from taxation managed economy to a production based economy and that is how to create the jobs. Taxing people sinks their businesses. The more you tax them; you decrease their funds to make it easier for them to work. We the NPP will consider the monetary aspect and financial stability. With tackling those areas, we will create the atmosphere for businesses to trend. We will reduce the taxes for private businesses to expand.

“How many people have the government employed in the country? Most of the businesses are from the private sector. The private sector is the key to the development of the nation but they are killing the private sector. Lack of energy kills the jobs. How do private sectors create jobs with ‘Dumsor?," he quizzed.

The Legislator said the NDC government have better plans on paper but not in reality pertaining to the developments in the country which to him has no basis to believe the President if he intends to create three million Jobs if voted in for second term.

“The NDC have good plans on paper but the economy is failing. It needs to grow at a faster rate. Economic growth must tally with the plans to create jobs. It’s only impossible for the 3 million jobs to be created by Mahama. The president in his projection has not given any basis to believe and agree that there is a possibility of creating these three million jobs of a Mahama administration…,” he said.

Source: adomonline.com
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