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Our relevance as political parties waning - Bernard Mornah

Chairman of the People's National Convention has now come to the realization that the relevance of his party and other minority parties is waning.

Bernard Mornah is therefore accepting in principle the call by the Progressive People's Party for all the minority parties to form an alliance ahead of the 2020 elections.

He told Joy News' Evans Mensah, Monday, "it appears the politics of NPP and NDC have taken centre stage for 25 years.

"The PNC PPP CPP garnered 1.7% of absolute votes in the 2016 elections. Our relevance as political parties is beginning to wane."

The call for unity by the Nkrumaist parties has been long standing. Right from the 2000 elections to 2016 there have been calls for the minority parties with Nkrumaist ideology to form a third political force and to challenge the duopoly of the NPP and the NDC.

Somehow the parties entered into some talks with the idea of uniting but always came out even more divided than they were before entering.


Differences over which name to use, which symbol to use, which individual or individuals will be the candidate and vice presidential candidates have always been a thorny issue for the parties to decide on.

Mornah said the call again failed in 2016 because of "actions and inactions" by the leadership of the political parties.

He said the only success was when the PNC and PPP signed an MOU which made it possible for the two parties to agree on one parliamentary aspirant to be posted in some of the constituencies.

He said even that decision came rather late and was sealed on the 1st December 2016, the day of the Special Voting.

He was therefore not surprised that the deal did not achieve much in the Parliamentary elections.

Bernard Bornah said as a firm believer in the Nkrumaist tradition he will not kick against any attempt to broker unity amongst the parties, adding he has met with the leadership of the PPP but will have to go back to his executives and discuss the issue thoroughly and will respond to the call as a united force.


He was also happy about the call by the PPP for all the parties to bury their individual beliefs, symbols and rally round a common cause for unity.

"It is a call in the right direction," he added.

The Policy Advisor for the PPP Kofi Siaw is absolutely convinced the PPP led call for unity will succeed where the PNC and the CPP failed.

He said the challenges facing the country and the political parties today are significantly different from those in the past which made it difficult for the parties to unite.

Now though, he said the PPP is ready to unite all the parties with no conditions attached for that third political force which has eluded the country.

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