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PNC launches manifesto, campaign

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has launched its manifesto and national campaign for the 2012 elections with a call on its rank and file to stand firmly behind the party for victory in December.

The 42-page manifesto with the title: “Service with Honesty”, represents the national vision and development agenda of the PNC for the people of Ghana if voted into power.

The main themes of the document are: redirection, rehabilitation, youth empowerment and economic development.

Scores of PNC supporters from the three northern regions attended the launch which was held at Gwollu, the traditional birth place of Dr Hilla Limann, founder of the party.

Speaking at the event, the flag bearer of the PNC for the 2012 elections, Mr Hassan Ayariga said “the root of the PNC shall never die and shall never dry up”.

He, therefore, charged the people to stand firm behind the party for victory in the forthcoming elections, adding that the December elections had provided an opportunity for the party to implement its vision and programmes for the country.


For many years, he said, the people had been used and dumped, and that this time around they should not allow that to happen again.

Mr Ayariga said if they continued to do the same thing over and over again they would not see any improvement in their lives, and that they should, therefore, change their ways of doing things this year. “It is time for us to make a change.”

Dr Limann has done it and that I can only do it if you give me the mandate,” he told the party supporters.

After 55 years of independence, he said, many parts of the country did not have roads, electricity, water and educational facilities “yet we vote for the same people”.

Mr Ayariga, who introduced some of the parliamentary candidates in the three regions, appealed to the people to vote for him and the parliamentary candidates to enable them to implement what is contained in the manifesto.

“Vote for the people who would help you to solve your problems”, saying that it was time to give the PNC a chance.


The Vice Chairman of the party, David Niibi, said the party belonged to them, and that December 7 presented a fine opportunity for them to bring the party back to power.

A former Member of Parliament for Sissala East, Moses Dani Baah and the Member of Parliament for Sissala West, Bayirga Haruna, encouraged the people to vote for the party.

Before the launch of the campaign and manifesto, Mr Ayariga paid a courtesy call on the chief of Gwollu, G.B. Butia at his palace.

From the palace where he was presented with a white smock, Mr Ayariga went to the grave side of Dr Limaan to pay homage to the founder of the party. Before setting off for Gwollu, the PNC flag bearer with some party executives including the Vice Chairman called on the Paramount chief of the Tumu Traditional Area, Richard Babini, and his elders. At that event, Mr Ayariga presented the first copy of the manifesto to the Kouro Babini. The chief assured the people that the PNC would not die in Sissala land, adding that spirits of Limann and Egala would lead Mr Ayariga to the presidency.

Source: Daily Graphic
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