Politics Tue, 22 Jul 2014

Parliament must stop rushing Bills – Centre for Parliamentary Affairs

The Director for the Africa Centre for Parliamentary Affairs wants Parliament to stop the practice of approving agreements within a short period.

According to Dr. Rasheed Dramani, the House will be constrained in its ability to do proper scrutiny if they rush through these contracts.

Parliament last week passed three loan agreements and approved six oil blocks for exploration before it rose on Friday.

But speaking to Citi News, Dr. Dramani criticised the practice saying, it will affect the quality of work done by the Legislators.


He noted that there are serious challenges facing Parliament because “people are not elected into Parliament on the basis of certain qualifications.”

Dr. Dramani suggested that when Members of Parliament (MPs) are made to serve on Parliamentary Committees, “there is the need for some support” in assessing issues before voting is done on the floor of Parliament.

He mentioned countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada have specific units within Parliament which simply helping MPs to thoroughly scrutinize bills before a vote is cast.

He therefore suggested that a similar practice should be instituted in Ghana’s Parliament to perform similar functions.

Source: citifmonline