General News Sat, 16 Sep 2017

Pope John Senior High School rejects boarding student with chop box

Authorities of Pope John Senior High School (POJOSS) has banned the use of chop boxes by first-year students.

According to the institution, chop box breeds bedbug infestation which fights against the learning process of the student.

The authorities also added, for boarding student to be accepted in the school, parent must ensure to stick to the rules in order not to be disappointed.

It added that, bringing chop box to the school would be the risk of every student to miss their chance in the boarding house as many were still on the waiting list to be admitted.

Explaining further, the authorities specified that, for a student to be accepted at the boarding house, parent should ensure to provide their children with metallic boxes (trunks) instead.

According to them, for the storage of food and clothes, trunks could be the only option instead of chop box.

The decision according to the institution was part of the efforts to control bedbug infestation that is affecting the performance of student.

Source: ghanacrusader.com
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