Politics Wed, 7 Jun 2017

Rawlings should shut up before I expose him - Alhaji Bature

Alhaji Bature Iddrissu, Managing Editor of the Al Hajj Newspaper has warned former President Jerry John Rawlings to be careful with his public commentary on the past administration before he strips him naked.

“It is disheartening and painful …. I am saddened. This is somebody who has inspired some us for 35 years. I defended Rawlings, his legacy and the NDC even against my father may his soul rest in peace. My father suffered under Rawlings in 1979 and 1982 but I was a PDC Chairman. Rawlings government took me to Mecca in 82 as a welfare officer that is where I got my Alhaji title.''

But where is treading, he is going to force some of us to expose him. If he does not want anyone to drink from the pot, then let’s break the pot so we can all rest”, he stated.

According to him, if Rawlings who is the longest serving head of states of the country could change the fortunes of the country, it would not have been where it is today. Whilst other countries like Malaysia and Nigeria were moving hi-tech he observed that Rawlings resigned himself to carting of cocoa during the peak of his naïve administration.

“He ruled this country for 19 years and I am telling you that the current problems we are facing must be laid at his doorstep. 19 wasted years he could have done more to develop the country”, he said.

According to him, if the his 19-year rule had been properly used, the country will not be where it is today indicating that the blame game between the Mills, Kufuor and John Mahama regimes would not have existed if he Rawlings was up to the task during his reign.

“While other countries like Malaysia were moving ahead, he kept drawing the development fortunes of the country back. I am not saying he did not do well but he could have done better”, he added.
Source: My News GH