Sierra Leone Elections: Coded of 4x4 jumps to the defense of Mahama

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 Source: livefmghana.com

Ghanaian music star Coded of 4×4 has come to the defense of ex- President Mahama after he was accused of meddling in the elections recently held in Sierra Leone.

Some officials of the government of that country claimed that an international conspiracy had been hatched to keep the governing party, the All People’s Congress (APC), from retaining power. This grand scheme, APC claims, is being implemented by Mr Mahama, who led the Commonwealth Observer Mission that monitored the elections. The party also said the conspiracy involved the African Union, ECOWAS the Commonwealth, and the British High Commission in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, music star Coded on Celebrity Fanzone last Saturday argued that Mahama is our own and must be protected as well as accorded all the necessary respect.

“We Africans are noted for respecting our elders, so I feel strongly when stuff like this comes, it is very disrespectful to elders when you have to be pointing wrong fingers at him. He is really our own and we should rather embrace him, not necessarily President Mahama alone but all our elders. We should learn how to protect our own,” he stated.

However, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, Frank Annor Dompreh, is demanding a full-scale national security probe into the alleged involvement of former President Mahama in the supposed election meddling.

Even though the Former President has denied the claims suggesting that he was part of a conspiracy to rig the Sierra Leone general election, the Nsawam MP insists on an investigation.

“Notwithstanding the denials which have been put out by the former President, we think that a national investigation or our own investigation [is needed.] we need to investigate and know what really happened.”

“If the commonwealth is going to go and ahead and investigated because they facilitated his ging there, fine. But he is our asset. He is a former President of our nation. We can’t just wish this matter away,” Mr Dompreh stated.

Source: livefmghana.com
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