Politics Sat, 1 Dec 2018

Stop begging for corrupt officials – Juaben MCE warns chiefs

Isaac Appau Gyasi, the Municipal Chief Executive Officer for New Juaben South Municipal Assembly is cautioning traditional leaders and opinion leaders in the municipality to refrain from pleading for assembly staff and other revenue collectors who have been caught for corrupt practices.

According to the MCE, it has become too rampant as opinion leaders normally try to engage to plead on behalf of culprits who are at the wrong side of the law.

In an interview with the media on numerous reports and complaints about misappropriation of taxes by revenue collectors, Mr. Isaac Appau Gyasi indicated that staff of the Municipal Assembly who engage in corrupt activities, and revenue collectors who divert revenues collected from citizens for the development of the municipality will be duly prosecuted if found culpable.

“The president has warned that anyone found engaging in corrupt activities will be dealt with, this has been going on all round in the country, and I believe it is time for us all to come together to end it.”

“The country has been bleeding because monies that could have been used for construction of roads, hospitals, schools and for other developmental projects get into people’s pockets, and with all seriousness, we should all speak against it. My people will be much happier if today I get much resources to develop my municipality so why should that money be in an individual’s pocket when that money needs to be used for development”.

He added, “we have gotten hold of some few bad nuts we are going to sack, because at first there was no solid data, people could do what they wanted just like that, but now that a new system is in place they have realized when you are caught you will be miserable and all those revenue collectors who have stolen monies, misappropriated funds, have not accounted for monies collected will all be prosecuted immediately”.

Hon. Isaac Appau Gyasi then pleaded with chiefs and other opinion leaders not to come to his office to intervene for the culprits.

“I want to also use this platform to plead with the chiefs, opinion leaders, pastors and imams not to come to the office to plead on behalf of the culprits because once you are in contact with the law you must face the law squarely”.

Source: citifmonline.com