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Titus Glover The Best Choice For Tema East—Jake Addo

Tema has always been the barometer of Ghana's politics. Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, Dr. Hilla Liman and President Rawlings (1992) and President Kufuor all won Tema. As for Nkrumah, there is no need mentioning, he created Tema. The Tema East Constituency in particular is the battle ground for elections in this country since Tema is administratively a Regional capital.It host the country's biggest port,-Tema Harbor and the Heavy Industrial Area.

It is the first major urbanized industrial community closest to the Eastern and Volta Region with a population that has the highest living standard index and educational attainment. It also the rallying point of industrial, commercial and organized labour activity. The political importance of Tema in Ghana's politics cannot be overstated.

The NDC first won Tema in the 1992 elections, then NPP won it in 1996 and have won it ever since and continues to dominate Tema politics.

It is hard to understand why President John Dramani Mahama as leader of the NDC could allow a mute and an unprincipled man like Mr. Kempes Ofosuware to represent him in Tema. Instead of leading his campaign Mr. Ofosuware has turned round to campaigning against him.

He has not been capable of holding the bull by the horn by challenging the dominance of the NPP in Tema. He rather dances to the tune and compromises with the NPP.

He goes round asking the electorate to votefor NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFO-ADDO as President and for himself as Member of Parliament. He did same in 2008 against Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, and repeated same against President John Dramani Mahama in 2012.

I know Titus Glover and Kempes Ofosuware in very good measure. If I am to choose between the two for any public office I will prefer Titus to Kempes.

Kempes Ofosuware was in the Tema Metropolitan Assembly with me. I never noticed Kempes Ofosuware rising up to speak on the floor of the Assembly for the whole my four year journey at the Assembly. He never spoke for one day.Onlyheaven knows what a mute is going to do in Parliament.

Although I am committed to the NDC, I am also aware that I will be doing Tema a great disservice if I should support Kempes' bid to Parliament. I was born inTema; schooled inTema; and most likely, will die and be buried in Tema. The future of Tema will depend on right and purposeful leadership and we cannot afford to sacrifice this on the altar of petty partisan politics.

Titus Glover is an accomplished workers' leader; a, man with sound record of commitment as a former Assemblyman; respectful, sensitive, articulate on local and national issues. He is now known nationally as the voice of Tema and must be encouraged to retain the seat.

Iwish to call on all NDC electoratesnot to vote for Kempis Ofosuware. We must give him his own medicine. He is not concerned about the lives of people.Kempes was MCE of Tema for four good years: what did he do to help the boys who followed him?

Anytime I see the few boys who are still following him I laugh! It is so interesting that some people can always be fooled. Kempes is only serving his parochial interest.

Tema is the spine and pivot of the nation. It has mounting challenges and opportunities that need to be harnessed. Politics is not a gamble.

Let us vote Titus Glover as Member of Parliament for Tema East Constituency. He is competent and proven.


Jake Addo is a management consultant and long standing political activist and contributor to national political debate.A former Assembly Man of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly heis currently Chairman of the Kwesi Plange Ward, Tema East Constituency NDC.

020 503 7989 toryaddo@yahoo.com
Source: Jake Addo