Politics Tue, 8 Nov 2016

VoteJM2016 App now available on IOS

The VoteJM2016 App has recently been in the news for hitting 10,000 downloads in a space of less than two months.

Since then, the developers have confirmed that downloads have continued to substantially increase.

The App seems to be resonating well with users and generating a lot of interest as a recent survey of users revealed.

“I love the App. I am able to show anybody at any time, why they should vote for JM and the NDC.” said Afua, one of the users interviewed.

Another user went on to explain that, “Before downloading the app, I had little appreciation for what the President has actually done for Ghana, now I know who I am voting for.”

The developers are happy to announce that the VoteJM2016 is now available on the IOS App Store. It was first launched on Google Play with very positive reception.

“Information is power and the download rates that we seen, indicate that the electorate wants the power to make an informed decision.” Said Nana Ohemaba, a member of the Greenbook Ghana Initiative.
Source: Greenbook Ghana Initiative
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