Politics Thu, 1 Aug 2013

Wait prayerfully for Supreme Court ruling - Rt Rev Ackah

The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Wiawso, Rt. Rev. Abraham Kobina Ackah, has advised Ghanaians to exercise restraint and wait prayerfully for the verdict of the Supreme Court on the 2012 election petition.

He said that Ghanaians must be prepared to accept the outcome of the verdict in good faith so that Ghana’s democracy would be further deepened to sustain the relative peace and stability it is enjoying at the moment.

Rt. Rev Ackah stated this at the first session of the third synod of the Anglican Diocese of Wiawso held at the Wiawso College of Education recently. It was on the theme; “Press On” (Philippians 3:13-14).

According to the bishop, all Anglican faithful must put aside all encumbrances and pride and pursue relentlessly the church’s divine mandate of mission and evangelism.

He told the synod members that their mission was to reach the unreached with the good news — that Christ died and resurrected for the forgiveness of our sins and for our salvation.

He further explained that to press on means to go on, to go forward, to move on, regardless of the circumstances.

The bishop also touched on the chieftaincy dispute within the Sefwi Wiawso Traditional Area.

He said there was a glimpse of hope at the moment, yet he appealed to all the factions to “Press On” for ultimate peace.

In an address read on his behalf by the Municipal PRO, Mr J.K. Obeng, the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr L. A. Santana, congratulated the Anglican Church on its immense contribution towards education in the country, especially in the Wiawso metropolis.

He said that the Anglican Church had established several schools including the Wiawso College of Education, which had trained both boys and girls many of whom are in responsible positions in the country.

He, however, observed that in spite of sermons delivered in the pulpits every Sunday, corruption, misuse of government funds, drunkenness and other social vices were still prevalent among church members.

He stressed that the church must continue to “Press On”, they should not relent in their efforts until these vices were either abated or eradicated.

The climax of the three-day synod was the dedication of a new diocesan office, which cost GHc7,500 to build.

Source: Daily Graphic