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Tue, 6 Sep 2016 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

The Central Regional Minister, Hon. Kweku Ricketts-Hagan has commended President John Dramani Mahama for his remarkable achievements in the region. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said the Central Region has had its fair share of the ''unprecedented'' development under the NDC administration.

The president he explained deserves a second term to continue building on his solid foundation. He cited the Community Day Senior High Schools in the region as one of the major achievement under President Mahama in the region.

The region he said, was promised 14 Senior High Schools with five of them ready for commissioning. ''This region has benefited from regional hospitals and numerous district hospitals. We also have CHIP compounds, and polyclinics. President Mahama is delivering on his promises to the Central Region...President John Dramani Mahama recently commissioned the state of the art Cape Coast Stadium which is the best in West Africa.

The Komenda Sugar Factory is another remarkable achievement. Elmina will soon see the commissioning of the Fish Processing Plant, the Kotokraba Market is almost completed; A number of road projects in the region are also part of the achievements under this government.'' ''It's an exciting time for the people in the Central Region and it’s a busy time for me as a regional minister.''

When asked if he thinks President Mahama has failed for not delivering on his campaign promises by building 200 Community Senior High Schools, he said, ''Not at all, President Mahama delivering on his campaign promises.'' According to him, the Supreme Court petition wasted time and resources and also affected the management of this country. However, he has performed remarkably well despite the litigation, he added. ''President Mahama was given a four year mandate and so far, he has gone round accounting to the people.

He has explained to Ghanaians how his government has performed, projects ongoing and those completed. The story in the Central region is not different from other regions. We are building and we will continue to build. We have laid the solid foundation and so President Mahama deserves a second term to complete his works.'' Meanwhile, the Central regional secretary of the opposition NPP, Kwamena Duncan has rubbished the claims by the regional minister.

The minister he noted spewed lies and propaganda since the region has seen no transformation under the NDC administration. The changing lives and transforming Ghana agenda he added, is nothing but a sham. The NDC he said is buying votes with silver bowls in the Central region because they fear losing the race.

''President Mahama is buying votes with silver bowls. His wife has done same because money is nothing to them. They are embroiled in corruption. They have bought many gifts to buy votes but they will lose the elections.

The region is no longer behind the NDC, so President Mahama keeps coming to the region just to convince voters to vote for him.'' ''As voters in the Central region, we base our voting pattern on your performance...When you ask the NDC to outline their achievements in the region, they mention the Cape Coast Stadium, Kotokraba Market, and other minor projects.

The Komenda Sugar Factory which the NDC is touting as an achievement, is not functioning. This was a company which was not properly planned, it was rushed to deceive the people of Komenda, Central region and the people of Ghana. The factory is now a white elephant.

The Kotokraba Market the NDC claims to be building is not the traditional market we know, but a supermarket they are building for themselves. The market is not a market that will go for the ordinary woman.

Their 8 years has been nothing but economic hardship, mismanagement, corruption, in the Central region and Ghana as a whole. The people have really made up their mind to oust the NDC government.'' Policy intervention programmes introduced by former President Kufour has been destroyed under this administration.

The people are living in abject poverty...Governance is not just about constructing roads and building schools. The NDC is failing woefully. The people in the Central are fed up and wished today was an election day so, they shut and show these incompetent and corrupt administration, the exit.

We are ready to show them where the exit door is, and bring in a new set of competent, courageous and diligent people to manage this country. To make Ghana work again. That is what the people of Central region are looking for.''

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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