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Why Dr. China bowed out of NPP race

It has emerged that a petition from the Ghanaian Community in China to the President caused the withdrawal of Dr Charles Dwamena from the NPP national treasurer race.

Dr China as he is popularly known is Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to China and had declared intentions to contest the National treasurer position of the NPP in the upcoming NPP national election scheduled for Koforidua in July.

He previously served as Director of Finance and Administration of the party.

Several polls had predicted that Dr China who espoused numerous novel policy ideas was a veritable threat to current treasurer Abankwa Yeboah but to the shock of many, he withdrew his candidature just a few days after the opening of nominations by the party.

Below is a copy of the petition sighted by Citi News.


His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo President Republic of Ghana

Dear Mr. President,


We the under-listed leaders of Ghanaians residing in China do hereby petition the President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to impress upon H.E. Dr. Charles Dwamena, Deputy Ambassador to China to rescind his decision of resigning his Ambassadorial position to contest the National Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party because the Ghanaian Community needs him more in China.

Dr, Charles Dwamena, since assuming office as Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China has been very instrumental in our lives as Ghanaians living in China.

Sir, we know you are aware that Dr. Dwamena schooled and worked in China for many years before returning to Ghana to do partisan politics and this strong knowledge of the Chinese system has been very useful to all of us. On the political front, we know he was very instrumental in the formation of NPP-China and through his hard work and humility coupled with his understanding of the Chinese culture and language, rose to become two-term Chairman of the China Branch of the Party as well as the Chairperson of the Asia-Pacific Caucus, thus making him an important asset to the New Patriotic Party.

We the Ghanaian Community in China were happy when you appointed him as the Deputy Ambassador to China. In fact, his appointment was timely as we needed someone with his skills set to support to the Ghanaian Community in China.

Sir, we can say without any doubt that Dr Charles Dwamena has really confirmed that you did not just make appointments arbitrarily but rather carefully selected people who best fit their respective offices. In just about one year, he has done a great deal of work to improve the lot of those of us leaving in China. Having studied, lived and worked in China, his level of understanding of Ghanaians living in China has helped in bringing us together as one people with a common purpose.

His doors are always open to us, and we now feel very proud to walk to the Ghana Embassy in Beijing to make enquiries about anything including policies of your Government.

He has not let us down anytime we have problems at hand. He always travels to any Province from Beijing to help solve our problems because of his understanding of Chinese system, his contacts and links to the Government of the Republic of China.

In just one year in Office, he has been able to bring the Ghanaian Communities at various Provinces together, an initiative his predecessors could not do. Prior to his appointment, there was no well structured Ghanaian Community but now, we have over four vibrant and well structured Ghanaian Communities with elected Leaders / Executives who steer the affairs of the communities in the various Provinces.

He has initiated a Diaspora and Consular Sports Competition which is a program that gives us the opportunity of meeting and interacting as Ghanaians each year. This has become a major program on the Calendar of Ghanaian Community members and we all look forward to it each October.

Those of us studying have also benefited immensely from his dedication and commitment to duty. Whenever any student encounters any problem, he leaves no stone unturned in addressing such problem. His presence in China as our Deputy Ambassador has made us proud given the fact that he was once a student like some of us are today and we really take a lot of inspiration from him.

His passion to create more opportunities for Ghanaians living in China has really emboldened us and made us better at what we do. In him, we have a fair and firm leader who always has our back thus making us confident. Above all, Dr Charles Dwamena has a very good reputation among the Chinese Political and Business Community and this has translated into a lot of goodwill for us Ghanaians living in China.

There have been a number of times Ghanaians have been given preferential treatment due to the interventions of Deputy, as we affectionately call him. This is the kind of leader we the Ghanaians living in China need and were yearning for all along.

Mr. President, it therefore came to us as a big surprise when the news broke from the various Communities that Dr Charles Dwamena has decided to resign from his position as the Ghana’s Deputy Ambassador to China to go home and contest for the position of the National Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party,(NPP).

We were shocked because after all the work and cordial the relationship he has had with us it will be very much difficult to have a replacement like him.

As much as we recognize the fact that he is an asset to the party and that his skill set will enable him transform the National Treasury of the Party, we honestly need him more in China to consolidate the gains we have made so far. We know the party needs him but we need him more.

We are not sure of getting anybody like him, whom we can relate to very well. Mr. President, we the Executives of the various Ghanaian Communities in China, therefore humbly appeal to you to use your good office to please talk to Dr. Charles Dwamena to rescind his decision to contest and remain as the Deputy Ambassador so he can assist us complete the good work he has started.

We know he will listen to you. We really need him here in China, Sir.

Mr. President, we thank you for giving us hearing and we know, you will listen to our plea and persuade him to step down and come back to China as the Deputy Ambassador.

Thank you…..

God Bless Ghana

God Bless President Akufo Addo

God Bless NPP

Signed ….

1. Awudu Beijing (Chairman, Ghana Community, Beijing Chapter)

00861 56010-70602

2. Jeff Cool (Organizer, Ghana Community, Beijing Chapter)


3. Macintosh (Secretary, Ghana Community, Beijing Chapter)


4. Elder Patrick Frimpong (Chairman, Ghana Community, Guangzhou Chapter)

00861-34342-26497 / 00861-35335-57422

5. Felix Kwame Boateng (General Secretary, Ghana Community, Guangzhou Chapter)


6. Percy David Papa Akuetteh (Chairman, Ghana Community, Wenzhou Chapter)



Chief of Staff, Flag Staff House, Accra-Ghana.

Ag. National Chairman, NPP, Accra-Ghana.

Ag. General Secretary, NPP, Accra-Ghana.

Chairman, National Council of Elders, NPP, Accra-Ghana.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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