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Why is Mahama silent as Prof. Ahwoi attacks Rawlings? - Kwamena Duncan quizzes

Minister for Central Region, Kwamena Duncan has lambasted former President John Dramani Mahama for going silent over Professor Kwamena Ahwoi's book titled ''Working with Rawlings''.

The book is an account of Prof. Ahwoi's relationship with former President Jerry John Rawlings and the things that transpired under his regime.

Prof. Ahwoi, in his book, talked about incidents where Mr. Rawlings viciously attacked a former member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for opposing the candidature of the late Prof. Mills as NDC flagbearer in 2002.

He also revealed moments where the former President attended Cabinet meetings but wouldn't pay attention to the meeting, instead play with toy planes.

There are several revelations in the book; another being that Rawlings' wife is the reason why his comrades have deserted him.

Addressing the issue on Wednesday's edition of Kokrokoo on PeaceFM, Kwamena Duncan wondered why Mr. Mahama, who is seeking to come to power on the ticket of the NDC, has kept mute while the party's founder is crucified by Professor Ahwoi.

He stated that the book should concern him (Mahama) who is the NDC flagbearer because his Running Mate, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang wrote the foreword of the book.

To him, he (Mahama) not responding means he agrees with Prof. Ahwoi and everything said about Mr. Rawlings, adding there is a grand scheme by some members of the NDC to desert their founder.

''...when she did the foreword, it was a three-way train. The man Rawlings was the subject matter, the author and then beneath it the State. So, it's one that is inseparable because that is the train that has brought them this far. And you seek to lead, you led it; you brought them into a ditch. You seek to lead that train. This issue is about your [your] foundation.''

''Are we then taking the silence to mean approval, endorsement?'' he questioned.

''The big deal here is only that he fully endorses it; that it is a grand plan but Kwamena Ahwoi, in a very subtle way, has revealed that [look] the earlier we take this man off our way as an obstruction so that we have a full hold of this party.''
Source: Peace FM
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