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Women in C/R will collapse free SHS without free family planning - Chief

A chief in the Central region is predicting the free Senior High School (SHS) policy will collapse in the region if government does not introduce free family planning for the women.

According to Nana Munkwei –Eku VIII, the Omankrado of Abura Ansafena in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese district, the high teenage pregnancy rate in the area is very alarming thus if not checked, schools will be overpopulated and the police will collapse.

The chief disclosed this in an exclusive interview on Adom News Friday after the Central Region Heath authorities released the 2016 pregnancy report.

President Akufo-Addo has announced the free SHS policy will begin in September and an estimated 1.7million students between the ages of 15-17, who are eligible to have secondary education in the country.

The policy which will cover agricultural, vocational and technical institutions at the high school level to ensure any child of school going age is educated.

Commending the Akufo-Addo government for the initiative, Nana Munkwei-Eku said the impact will not be felt in the Central region is the women are not taught about family planning.

“It is not married people who are getting pregnant. Students on scholarships are those getting pregnant. When they get young a little bit they want to do anything to get money since their parents aren’t taking care of them” he cried.

further urged parents to give birth to the number of children they can cater for.

“I beg parents to give birth to the number of children they can cater for. I pray the government intensifies education on family planning...”

Abura Ansafena chief also urged the authorities of these countries to sanction those who impregnate young girls to serve as a deterrent to other countries.

Source: ghana-news.adomonline.com
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