You cannot attack me, turn around, ask that we build consensus - Bagbin to Afenyo

Bagbin Close Up Alban Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Bagbin

Sat, 1 Jan 2022 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has slammed Deputy Majority Leader and MP

Effutu Alexander Afenyo-Markin for attacking him over how he (Bagbin) had the way he handled the sitting to consider the E-levy proposal.

He noted that the Deputy Majority Leader attacked his personality when he asked him to show leadership in the House.

Speaking to state broadcaster, Ghana Television (GTV) on Thursday December 30, Mr. Bagbin said the brouhaha that surrounded the proposed E-Levy was unfortunate.

He indicated that “It is something that we are all not proud of. Even though we know that before you can eat the egg you have to break the shell but you don’t want to go through it yourself. You think that you have learned the lessons of those parliament, I have a way of talking more, building consensus than exchanging fire. This is building confidence in the democratic system, it is a great achievement and I hope we will build on this.

“From 2001 up to date, I have never interfered with the functions of others, not even at the board level. But today, as I said there is change, I am prepared to accept this change, I am prepared to accept the criticisms but I want genuine criticisms. I want to be, at least, consulted before I am criticized.

“The time that I was seated there, the Majority leader only shows face and then send a text to me around 4:30 that he was now going to have a bite then come back to the House , he also whispered to my usher to to inform me he was going to have a bite and come back.

“When I left he wasn’t on the floor. How can you now, lead your team to now be attacking me and say that I should lead. In fact one of them said I should learn how to to lead. It is because the level of leadership I am at , he doesn’t understand it, that is someone who claims to be my son, the Honourable Member for Effutu, the Deputy Majority Leader, Honourable Kwamena Alexander Afenyo-Markin. You come and you personally attack me then you come to the House and you expect that we should have that sprit of consensus building. Things don’t work that way.”

Source: rainbowradioonline.com