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You’ll not regret backing E-Levy – Ghanaians told

Saka Salia 1.png Saka Salia, Communication Team Member of the New Patriotic Party

Fri, 6 May 2022 Source:

Communications Team Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Saka Salia, says the newly implemented Electronic Transactions Levy (E-Levy) has come to stay.

The 1.5percent E-Levy kicked off on Sunday, May 1, 2022, despite public objection.

The 5 transactions affected by the e-levy include: momo transfers between users on same network, momo transfers between users on different networks, Transfers from bank accounts to momo accounts, Transfers from momo accounts to bank accounts and Inter-bank transfers using digital platforms including mobile applications.

The e-levy upon its kick-off was fraught with a number of challenges including the non-application of some exemptions from the tax.

Some social media users have, for instance, complained about the fact that transfers on the same or different networks or banks owned by the same user are attracting the tax, although they are not meant to.

Speaking to Don Kwabena Prah on Happy98.9FM’s ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ political talk show, Saka Salia said, “The E-Levy has come to stay and I believe at the start of anything new you will face challenges. But these challenges with the e-levy will make people think twice before leaving the platform.”

According to him, the e-levy has come to stay and is preferred over carrying cash around to conduct business. The politician indicated that the risk involved in carrying cash around will see Ghanaians adapting to the E-Levy rapidly.

“Ghanaians will never make the mistake of going off the platform,” he said.

To him, the opposition is only against the e-levy and falsely promising to abolish the tax. He believes the NDC does not care about Ghanaians and is only using this propaganda to champion their agenda.

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