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Comment: Borrowmia is a disgrace

2020-07-30 19:09:36
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Ignore Bawumia’s 'comical and diversionary' anti

Even Samira Bawumia is disappointed in her husband. It is only half baked intellectuals or hypocrites who sees Bawumia as relevant. The question is, what has changed after Bawumia so called lectures that made him as if best Economist. Just three weeks, Corona has exposed him more. Rwanda, Benin, ivory coast, Ethiopia etc. are all doing well even in Covid-19. Bawumia is borrowing to pay alawa to nurses and teachers without planning their future after school. Bawumia is always referring to data which contains revenue from oil and bonds or loans just to make economy look good. If doubling out our debt from 120 to 255 billion is not reckless borrowing, what does reckless borrowing means to Comedian Borrowmia.

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DDT on Jul 30, 2020 19:09