Ignore Bawumia’s 'comical and diversionary' antics - Mahama Campaign team

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2020-07-30 21:34:14
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Ignore Bawumia’s 'comical and diversionary' anti

Awww, mmobo! A very pitiful attempt to shore up the lacklustre image of Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, and a very poor and concocted analysis of issues and events. Who told this so called campaign team that anything coming the Bretton Woods system is sacrosanct and the panacea to all problems everywhere? They should just ask their own Prof Kwesi Botchway about his ERPs, SAPs and the PAMSCAD or find out from the Asian Tigers (especially South Korea) about what they did, in relation to the Bretton Woods system, that has brought them this far.
You people are Ignoramuses, just trying to feel relevant about economics and economy. It is only out of foolhardiness will the novice challenge the expert in his field. Dr Bawumia and Prof Opoku-Agyemang belong to different disciplines, so stop embarrassing yourselves with your hollow explanations about economics versus economy. There are serious-minded people in this country, so if you (NDC) want to be taken seriously then be factual in things you put out for public consumption. I can now see why you people are against FSHS, so you can continue to deceive the less informed ones among us.

If Prof Opoku-Agyemang understands the issues confronting us as a nation, then what happened when she was a cabinet minister? Is she now waking up to those realities? What do you mean by realistic, concrete and achievable policies? Does she herself understand and appreciate what she read out? Is it her policies that you people were waiting for in order to craft your campaign messages? Is she now your savior or presidential candidate? It is still a fact that she was part of the failed past NDC regime and nothing can change this. You people are therefore faced with a very daunting task of rebranding and unfortunately too, you are doing this with the same failed old team and a lackluster approach. So sad! Ghanaians are now very wide awake, but you are not realizing this.

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Kwasi on Jul 30, 2020 21:34
Re: Ignore Bawumia’s 'comical and diversionary' an