Ignore Bawumia’s 'comical and diversionary' antics - Mahama Campaign team

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2020-07-31 13:57:34
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Ignore Bawumia’s 'comical and diversionary' anti

Don’t worry about Bawumia, we all know that the NDC is struggling to stand.
After appointing Mahama as your flag bearer, you realize that marketing Mahama to Ghanaians has become very difficult due to his numerous corruption.
So you people planned to bring in a Vice whose status will overshadow Mahama and use that person as a lead in your campaign.
Your were expecting a kind of momentum from the appointment of Naana Jane to kickstart your campaign, but unfortunately after the appointment that momentum can not be found anywhere.
The one to cover Mahama have her own records that had made her too unmarketable to the public.
This has put a lot of pressure on you people, the truth is your people created your own defeat by choosing Mahama as your flag bearer and now it’s too late for corrections.

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Nana on Jul 31, 2020 13:57
Re: Ignore Bawumia’s 'comical and diversionary' an