90%-ready hospital, roads, electricity projects all at standstill – Mahama

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Comment: Tibonkoso Mahama

Kwadwo Baah
2020-08-19 08:22:24
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90%-ready hospital, roads, electricity projects al

Tibonkoso Mahama. You're a disgraced to your family. If I were your gay partner Andrew Solomon I would slap your face for having sex with Tracey and Mizbel. Where did you get the 450, 000 dollars to buy that house for Tracey? You're actually a thief man. Kromfo). NDC should punish if you fail to win power and as for that it's clear you're a loser. Tutuunii sansanii tibonkoso Mahama.

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Kwadwo Baah on Aug 19, 2020 08:22
Tibonkoso Mahama