John Mahama will be the next president of Ghana - Nigel Gaisie drops five dangerous prophecies

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Comment: Re: Fake NDC prophet

2020-08-27 12:45:19
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Fake NDC prophet

King David was a womanizer yet God found favour in him and blessed him to become king of Israel,women are part of daliy lives in men,the man prophesied that God spoke to him that John Dramani will become the next president of Ghana,so how do you call him names and don't believe what he has prophesied? Do you have disagreements with God?If I were you i would have waited if his prophecy doesn't fulfilled, then you have the upper hand to insult him but as it is now you are the one who have insulted God because God spoke through the prophet if the prophecy is fulfilled during the elections it means you have insulted God and God will deal with you!

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Re: Fake NDC prophet
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