Flashback: We’re ready to ‘gift’ NPP one seat in Volta Region – NDC

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Comment: Check out this ! NDC will learn later on

2020-10-26 19:18:07
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shame why should oppositio suffer?

Every one should hear what has been said by an NDC MP. "I won’t retaliate, I’m now a man of peace" - Nii Lante Vanderpuye. MY TAKE: Nii who gave you this wisdom? Do you think The Government of the day has time for all the Nonsense ideologies that your NDC party has planted in you and the rest of your foolish members? hell no. Look that your Mahama, Aseiadu Nkatie and Ofosu Ampofo Idology want take your party any where. Its rither implanting and impacting knowledge into the minds of the average Ghanaian. look come some days, no body in Ghana shall ever vote for NDC, or any party and this would plunge Ghana into an automatic one party state, because every Ghanaian would get to know that the best party to vote for is NPP and Akua Donkors party. Do you people realized the mantel of the command and chief is in the hands of the president, and he could even cancel the on coming elections and say Ghana is not at peace to hold elections and predict an of day for that? oh! yes, you wait, and when that time arrives we shall see who the winner is. Before then, i am suggesting that there should be a public tribunal, to try all the criminals that would apprehend and time on wards, so that the nation dose note wast its public finance on your criminals arrested. this would open up a fast and single hearings, to all those criminals at hand. So please your decision has come so quick,

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Rikuss1 on Oct 26, 2020 19:18
Check out this ! NDC will learn later on