Ghana’s economy in tatters – Mahama

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Comment: Mahama Ghana Is Fighting 3rd World War

2020-10-26 14:21:22
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Ghana’s economy in tatters – Mahama

Why former President lacks statesmanship makes me very sad that such a person ever had the chance to be President.Former President of Ghana? Mahama,the world SUPER powers like the USA,UK,Germany not long ago the strongest economy in the world,Japan,Australia,Canada and even China are all facing unprecedented economic meltdown. When the IMF says our national economy would suffer 16.4% deficit it is because there is THIRD WORLD WAR in the world now. Europe are changing their forecast every hour because the enemy, the PANDEMIC is making life unbearable for everybody. Did you read about war at all in your life? Mr former President, a patriot would never rejoice when the country he had once being President is fighting a pandemic. You demonstrate to the world that to you it is only your selfish interest and whether Ghana will burn or survive you don't care all you want is power. My question, supposed the PANDEMIC does not abate and the unexpected happens, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE PRESIDENT OF? The cemeteries or what. Please, kindly begin to look at the big Picture, the country called Ghana and its survival not what Mahama as a person wants out of Ghana. You keep disappointing me each day you think narrowly.

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ghanamindset on Oct 26, 2020 14:21
Mahama Ghana Is Fighting 3rd World War