Ghana back to HIPC under Akufo-Addo, Ofori-Atta – Mahama

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Comment: Mr. President and his comments

2020-10-29 15:31:59
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Google just explain this.

JDMahama must cease from speaking like someone who has not headed this country in the past. His desperation for power is showing in the manner he comments on national issues. How could he claim that he left money in the treasury for his successor. How could that have happened. In January 2013, immediately after his Pyrrhic victory, he told us that there was nothing left in government coffers. In 2015, after mismanaging the crumbs left on the plate, he sent the country to the IMF for a paltry sum under one billion dollars. His unique selling point for the loan request was that he, as president, President Mahama had no credibility in handling the nation's finances. The IMF agreed and gave the loan to President Mahama administration. Ghana was still under the IMF when the president who could not hold the reins of financial governance in the country exited power. So, Mr. Mahama, why should Ghanaians vote for you once again to oversee the finances of the country. When you have openly said you have no credibility in so doing? You also mentioned, it should be false anyway, that you left streams of monies from oil finds. You have no shame to mention anything about oil in Ghana. We have not forgotten what you and your Ndc parliamentarians said on the floor of parliament when then President Kufour, a man from the Ashanti region, announced his government has discovered oil offshore in the Western Region. By the way, have you gotten back some level of credibility after you have openly confessed your shortcoming and when?

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Mr. President and his comments