NPP’s decision to pay rent for youth in second term laudable - Expert

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2020-10-27 11:30:21
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NPP’s decision to pay rent for youth in second t

Anybody will just get up and say he or she is an expert in this and that. How can an expect say this policy is good and laudable. remember we are in a third world country and this policy is dead on arrival. Do you have data on the number of youth in the country? What is the age range for the youth? Lots of questions to be answered. May be you want to select some party soldiers and ole out some money to them and claim you are paying rent for the youth. Remember the youth are not stable due to job insecurity always seeking for greener pastures through the exodus band wagon even by those who are employed. The biggest joke by a sycophantic expert just because of stomach politics. Expert indeed.

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