I’ll take care of NABCO recruits – Mahama promises

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Comment: Mahama Now A Fitter??

2020-10-27 16:23:14
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I’ll take care of NABCO recruits – Mahama prom

I have never heard mahama bringing in a new thing but always trying to repair something! When shall this “fitter “ use his brain to innovate something and stop being “ Ashore Seaman”? You hate UP to the core but it’s these same UPs who are moving this country forward. Although they are classified as Capitalist, yet they believe in equal chances in competition that’s why all their policies cover the whole nation but not the people who vote for them! That’s why ndc is collapsing, it is not based on anything; not the socialism they claim. Remember Nkrumah could do something because he was an UP but greediness led him astray! As a general secretary, he had all the plans of UGCC in his palm to execute but failed and brought Ghana to its first HIPIC for lack of management. Same way none of his followers had succeeded to do something meaningful in this country! Yes because he surrounded himself with natural born bad crooks who came in to create, loot and share, except I think prof. Mills. Ndc is not a party anymore but a bunch of thieves!!

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Akora on Oct 27, 2020 16:23
Mahama Now A Fitter??