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Kojo Donkor
2020-10-28 10:29:09
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NDC campaign team must be more serious with issues

The Problem I have with this Razak OPOKU,
is that his article and submission ( or is it COMPLAIN) does not reflect neither proof any wise and neutral source from which one can deduce his or her informed decision.
Razak or whatever, is deluding himself and is so immature that he thinks he can invite matured and smart minds to share in his Hypocritical lack of understanding to aspects of good governance.

Let me answer Razak here and now that his useless claims against the JM and Ndc campaign and communication machinery is bourn out of the simmering attempt to discredit MAHAMA at the least opportunity and stealthily work a way into the Nana Addo led government for favours, something that even some so called men have already started to embark on. Razak opoku's enumerating of "achievements" of npp and claims of consolidating same is not only figment of his hallucinations but also a clear proof that his write up is rather quote" full of distortions, ignorance, myopic intellect and triggered nonsense" unquote.

One finds it shocking that he had the indecent balls to mention 1d1f and free water and lights and tout them as Npp's achievements when any perfectly smart and right thinking minds know that the said factories are nothing but stimulus packages given to existing Companies. Something that previous government's including JM has done for years. Even the closed banks and microfinance companies did same over the years. Yet we never heard them claim they one 1d1f.
The issue of free water and lights is what exposes this sycophantic rhetorics of the writer because not everyone, and I emphatically repeat that it is not true that everyone is enjoying free water and especially lights. I say so boldly because I personally had only 2 months out of the 6 months claim by this government. There are people I know who enjoyed far less whereas the npp kept tricking us that every GHANAIAN is enjoying such.

But the main crust of the light and water issue is the claim by Razak as well as many npp advocates that it is being given due to the benevolence and good policies of the incumbent. Such a shameful claim. Isn't it rather true that the decision provide free water and lights was the joint agreement of both sides of the house and not the exclusive kindness or performance of the npp? Did the state not take monies from our own stabilization funds and even borrowed
some from outside? Is it not also not true that the ndc or MAHAMA all suggested same and promised that they will support the government in these Covid times over any borrowing?? Why do you ignore the truth and misinform the citizenry and claim the ndc is not to be considered.

You were never ever able to even present any meaningful path for a fair and neutral discourse apart from engaging in a political
foolhardiness Every word and statement is about npp,npp,npp.And yet you couldn't find a single line of honesty for any reader to digest and proffess his view. Your write up was nothing short of a pandemic in itself. A cannibalized framework to seduce citizens of Ghana and a Crookish effort to brainwash people in other to favour the npp.

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Kojo Donkor on Oct 28, 2020 10:29
Re: NDC campaign team must be more serious with is