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2020-11-01 20:54:31
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NDC campaign team must be more serious with issues

NDC has nothing to offer Ghana anymore. John Mahama was booted out of power barely 4 years ago for mismanagement of the economy of Ghana, high taxes, paying only 3 months salary to Teachers who had worked for 3 years, Paying dubious judgement debts with our hard earned cash, taken away Teachers and Nurses training allowances that was helping the poor, etc. They even put taxes on Condoms and Cutlass. Finally they landed Ghana at the IMF for policy direction and credibility. The conditionality was Catastrophic. Unemployment of graduates. They’re in short of ideas and better programs to move Ghana forward. They are promising recycling of old programs.
27 years of PNDC/NDC should have at least put Ghana at the level of Malaysia or Rwanda.
What did we see?
Create,Loot and Share. Pitching of tribes against tribes.
Training of Babies with sharp teeth to insult senior citizens. Creating a state of Lawlessness and indiscipline. Vigilantism, Violence, Electoral fraud.

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Jackie on Nov 1, 20:54