What equal opportunity did you create for Ghanaians when you were President? - Bawumia to Mahama

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Comment: Stop Fooling Mahamadu

Linda Antwi-Sullivan
2020-10-27 22:09:45
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What equal opportunity did you create for Ghanaian

Foolish fool, what opportunities have you created? Your NABCO work is not economically sustainable. Most NABCO people sit idle and some don't go to work. What can GHC 700 do? Bawumia, is your salary GHC 700? The State takes care of your everything and you still collect salary and allowances. Hey, what happened to your side at Was and you have been going round lying? Nana Addo and his people are stealing while setting you up to fool.

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Linda Antwi-Sullivan on Oct 27, 2020 22:09
Stop Fooling Mahamadu