Government on track with ‘Year of Roads’ mantra - Minister

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Comment: Re: Government on track with ‘Year of Roads’ mantr

2021-05-14 00:06:54
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Government on track with ‘Year of Roads’ mantr

The so-called year of roads was last year. How many kilometers of roads did you do last year? None. You and your bastard npp colleagues thought by hurriedly implementing this shambolic free education you were going to win the 2020 elections . Pigs. You think all Ghanaians are as stupid as your gullible supporters who reason from their anuses. You introduced the fake Free education and you are scamming people. Dogs. Take a lesson from the results of the 2020 elections . With all your noise about the failed free education you had to rig both presidential and parliament ary elections . You pigs can't even fund the free education that's why you went against your own words to run double track for the first years something you would not do.
And you the morons pushed the heads of SHSs to lie to Ghanaians there is no enough infrastructure in the various SHSs . Goats. You can only deceive your criminal and wicked foolish and idiotic supporters

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Wise on May 14, 2021 00:06
Re: Government on track with ‘Year of Roads’ mantr