NDC demo is to wake up Akufo-Addo from his slumber – Agbana

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Comment: Eblutor means stranger

2021-07-06 15:36:58
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Re: NDC demo is to wake up Akufo-Addo from his slu

You see Eves as aliens just as Eves also see you filthy akans as strangers. So, it all amounts to zero. It is a mutual thing. No one wins. Grandson of what? Go and ask akuffo addo himself who Francis R. A Awoonor Williams is and he will start shaking, then he will confess to you that the Keta lawyer Awoonor Williams became part of ugcc before even jb Danqua, not to talk of the tobacco puffing Edward akuffo addo. He faded out of politics due to backward and selfish akan tendencies like yours, which he may have experienced, and being a more enlightened person from Keta, decided to leave it all for the marauding greedy akan fools like akuffo Addos predecessors. I also blame the northners for following you primates from the forest. Not surprised though, because majority of you akans are originally northerners. In the next 50 years Asante and original brong ahafo will be dominated by a majority of northners and most likely moslems. Then we shall see your big maaf. Eblutor gbemela.

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Ewvevi on Jul 6, 15:36