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Comment: Re: Eblutor means stranger

2021-07-06 17:36:01
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Eblutor means stranger

Togolese trokosi Ayigbe animal. Surely you posted this comment to make you feel good about your inferior self? Do you, in your heart really believe that you are Ghanaians; and do you believe that you are accepted as Ghanaians? What a joke. In the minds of the overwhelming majority of Ghanaians, Ayigbes are Togolese. Period. Didn't you vote to remain Togolese in the 1956 plebiscite? What real contribution do Ayigbes make to the national kitty, to qualify you to be Ghanaians? Salt? Or keta school boys? Imagine, that now a Togolese trokosi Ayigbe is calling the owners of the land strangers! If you are citizens of Ghana, then why have you been agitating to secede from the Republic since 1956 to date? Are you no longer citizens of Papavi's imaginary republic of western Togoland? You lowerlife forms are so pathetic. The only country where you people will fit in, is one populated exclusively by Ayigbes. And that will be somewhere in the territory of what is left of the erstwhile Volta Region. That is Ayigbeland and that's where you belong!!!

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Asuo on Jul 6, 17:36