Politics Mon, 7 Apr 2014

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Afoko fights NPP elders at NEC meeting

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Nii Tulasi Adjei
2014-04-07 06:42:19
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Afoko fights NPP elders at NEC meeting

Thank you Lord! Continue to cause confusion among them for as long as they have taken Ghanaians for granted? As for the Northerners, I say, they are yet to see the true colours of these Ashanti/Akyem tribal bigots. They know very well that Mr Akofo is most likely to win the day, so they have to find any possible means to ensure that he lose the elections. I pity these Northerners so much! How many Ashantis and Akyems would rally behind a Northern president? Even if they do, it is because of their stomach. They did it to Limann, and we are all witnesses to what they took him through. I urge my brothers in the North, to rather rally solidly behind their own man, president Mahama! For how long do they want the Ashanti/Akyems to tell them that they are not welcome in their fold? For how long should the Ashantis use them and dump them to their own fate like they did to the late Aliu and the rest? Asante Antwi is the real devil among these tribal party. This is the idiot who says he is a man of God! He is the real devil incarnet who should be treated as such! I pity Mr Afoko so much but he must learn sense fast! What a people! Mr. Afoko, you have already lost the elections, that, I can assure you.

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Nii Tulasi Adjei on Apr 7, 06:42