Politics Mon, 7 Apr 2014

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Afoko fights NPP elders at NEC meeting

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Comment: Northern votes matter

2014-04-07 07:49:18
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Afoko fights NPP elders at NEC meeting

He Afoko should have known that he has no place there. It was very obvious from day one. The deal is to eventually allow him to pass through, to make it appear as if due processes and democracy where at play.. Just that he did not win, to appease his supporters and by extension the northerners in the party so they will not turn their back on the NPP party. The truth is that both Ndc and NPP are divided among ethnic lines. Suprisely Northerners. do not vote for one particular party.The evidences are there. At least non of the three northern regions goes beyond an average of 65% for both two dominant s parties. If northerner s where voting beyong 80% to the Ndc plus Volta votes NPP may ever come to power in Ghana. So please let's manage our northern brothers well. Other wise. Lets not tickle our selves by thinking that northern votes does,nt matter.

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Bay on Apr 7, 07:49
Northern votes matter