Akufo-Addo's greatest fear is Addai-Nimoh not Alan – Sir John

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Comment: E'tu, Sir John

2014-10-16 14:10:48
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Akufo-Addo's greatest fear is Addai-Nimoh not Alan

You, too, Sir John? Do you also indulge in lies? Or is politics all about lying?
Everybody knows that Nana will win the hearts of the delegates. What is not clear is the margin of the victory.
But everybody also knows that Alan will be the runner-up, but not Addai Nimo. So why tell such a clear lie two days before the polls?
Lies do not fool anybody these days! Please, just stick to the truth as you have done all along until now. You see, until recently, after you lost the party secretary position six months ago, you have shown that you are a good party-man by the way you have answered questions put to you concerning your successors. So why do you decide to change that mature stance on the eve of the primaries? Please, do not be swayed by what the media want to hear you say so that they can crucify you. Just stick to your original approach of never directly criticising your successors. Everybody's sins live after them. Let the public judge Afoko and Agyepong by what they do. Just do not join their accusers, because you know your own people: "Delegates cannot be trusted!"

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