Call Sam George to order or else - NPP Group tells Mahama

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2014-12-07 09:30:54
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Re: Call Sam George to order or else - NPP Group t

I'm hearing from both family members and friends in government and opposition describing the hardship Ghanaians are going through back home. What's wrong with black people, especially Ghanaians at all? But you know the Mighty creator made the blackman for a reason. From Genesis to Revelation, the strongest men God ever used were trained in Africa. But we are not learning from these and we fight among ourselves. Those who have had the opportunity to live in the USA are not different. When shall we stop these squables and think of moving our people from poverty? Israel, USA, Ghana, etc. God's blessing order. Go to the garden of Eden and you will find everything there in Ghana. Can't we think and use the abundant human resources God has given us to develop now we have oil? The price will still go down but if we refine localy it will help a lot. God help Ghana.

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