EC rejects ‘no verification no vote’

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Obed Adore
2015-08-15 19:40:06
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EC rejects ‘no verification no vote’

This is the best news I have been waiting for a very long time to hear. bravo. That stupid "No verification No Vote" is a complete no-brainer as it disenfranchises voters. Biometric verification equipment must be only one piece out of the four main identifiers used in verifying a voter being them, the Voter ID, the Voters Register, any other nationally recognized and .legal piece of Pictured-ID e.g,. a passport or travel certificate or even a Driver's Licence. If a voter with his/her intention of casting a vote but the defective BI machine fails to capture him/her, why should he/her be disqualified or disenfranchised? It denies the voter one of his basic and fundamental rights as enshrined in our constitution. Well done EC!!

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Obed Adore on Aug 15, 2015 19:40
Re: EC rejects ‘no verification no vote’