EC rejects ‘no verification no vote’

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Comment: propose tougher sanctions

2015-08-17 12:18:52
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EC rejects ‘no verification no vote’

I don't support the proposal that ,where the is an over voting,that pooling station's vote must be annulled.
What will happen is that,if I am a candidate and I get to know that,the votes of a particular voting station will not favor,the only thing,I have to task my self with,is how to ensure that ,there is over voting,so that ,those votes will be cancelled to my advantage.

What I will have loved to see in their proposal is,making it a criminal offense for officers failure to sign,the results submitted to the EC. I don't see the reason why if you have been trained for that purpose,you will forget the last phase of it,which is signing, if not for some alternative motive.

Also,come out with the number of years for one to spend behind bars,if caught in election malpractice. In this case,whoever wants to indulge him or her self in knows ,how many years he or she has to be in prison,so as to consider if it worth ,engaging in a malpractice

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penpenaaa-usa on Aug 17, 2015 12:18
propose tougher sanctions